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HX1000 PSU Problem

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Assembled my new PC, set the PSU to Multi 12V as suggested by various documents, plugged the power cable into the back which powers the HX1000 and lo and behold....nothing! No sound, no smell, no crackle, nothing.

Looked at a few voltages on various cable endpoints and 0V everywhere.  I have looked around at various forums regarding problems with HX1000 PSUs and I notice some people were having issues. Not necessary exactly my same issues but some close.  Seems the HX1200 had a bunch of these type of failures. 

If anybody from Corsair is monitoring this forum, please can you provide some suggestions of anything else to try. Any other readers know of this type of issue and what course of action you took. Any date codes for HX1000 failures?



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Hi elefunt3095,

Testing a power supply is a bit difficult. Because your system is not turning on AT ALL, we can only assume that the issue here is that the PSU cannot supply power at this point. We would suggest performing a Paper Clip Test in order to verify that the PSU is the cause of this issue. Honestly, I would recommend searching Google for “PSU Paper Clip Test” as this involves inserting a paper clip into the PSU, but I will outline the test below:

Disconnect all cables from the power supply except for the 24 pin cable, and ensure that the switch on the back is set to the OFF position.
Insert a paper clip into the 16th and 17th pin of the 24 pin cable.
Ensure the PSU’s AC cable is plugged in.
Flip the switch on the back of the PSU to the ON position.

If the PSU can provide power, you will then see the fan spin. If you have an RM, HX, or AX PSU, the fan will only spin for a second. If it does, it is VERY LIKELY that the PSU is not the cause of your issue. If it doesn’t, please attach a receipt so that we can proceed with an RMA.

It is not to say that this will prove it 100%, but it is far more likely another hardware component is causing an issue if this is the case. Also, please note that this test is only useful if your computer does not power on AT ALL. If the system starts and then stops immediately, or the fans on the case spin for a second before stopping, this test will not prove anything useful.

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