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5000T Case and Commander XT issues


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Recently set up my new 5000T. I switched out the LL120s in the front for QL120s and added one of the LL120s to the rear exhaust. I added those 4 fans to the Commander XT. Everything lights up in default rainbow mode. I've also added a H150i LCD and Dominator RAM. The Commander Core, LCD and RAM are seen fine in iCUE (4.21.173). However, I'm not seeing any of the fans connected to the Commander XT or the 5000T case. I have the H150i and the Commander Core going through the USB splitter to one of the USB 2.0 MB headers (MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk DDR4). The Commander XT is connected alone to the other USB 2.0 header. I do see under devices that the Commander XT is getting the dreaded "Driver error" notice. 

I've seen a lot of this issue, but no resolutions. Any ideas? 

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