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iCue crash while playing certain game

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It only happens when I play a game called Ghost Recon Breakpoint. While in-game for 10-15mins, all of my corsair devices turn off & back on again, the sound from my headset becomes crackly. I can fix the sound by doing a troubleshoot - but when I go back into game & play for another 5mins - all my devices go off again.. this time permanant resulting in everything not working with the mouse & keyboard not working so forced to shut off the PC. I've tried to move usb slots to no prevail. Anyone else had this problem?

Below is a list of all my devices with iCue;

HS80 Wireless headset

MM800 Polaris mouse pad

Nightsword Mouse

ST100 headset holder

K95 Platinum.

Here are the system parts;

Intel i9-12900k.

Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X

Crucial Ballistic 32gb RGB RAM

Gigabyte GTX 3070 Ti

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I think I just had the same issue playing Borderlands 3. iCue just shut off while playing and I had to hard-reboot the machine. There are some major issues with iCue, I'd like to know if they're working on these issues or not. 

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Me too!  It's totally annoying and shouldn't be happening! While playing most games, it just suddenly quits working.  Only way I can tell this is because my fan lights change to something else.  Wish they would just fix it and leave it alone.  Hate when they try to improve products.  Old say, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it"!

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