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ICUE macro delays MAJOR ISSUE

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ok so ive made a few posts already looking for a solution or reason for this but havnt got an answer. So im gonna go into detail and show screenshots so you guys can really understand what im talking about.


so First of all without a delay set you can see there is about a 3-2 millisecond delay on average


now here as soon as i add a 1 millisecond delay, it is actually around a 13-14 millisecond delay, now this delay stays the same all the way upto untill i change it to a 11 millisecond delay, and then the delay is actually 23-24 milliseconds as you can see here https://imgur.com/a/ilUt6Kp

This makes any macro i wanna make with delays insanely inaccurate, it doesnt matter what type of macro i wanna make the delay isue is always there and always the same.

I have tried on a different computer, i have reinstalled ICUE, i have set prioroty of ICUE to high/realtime, done all updates. which leads me to think this isnt an issue with my pc/setup  but instead actually ICUE and would love to know if this is intended or its a limitation of the program and it simply cannot be accurate with low delay settings. But that confuses me because other macro programs like razer synapse and logitech ARE accurate all the way down to the 1 millisecond.


Thanks, im just looking for info  on if this can be fixed or not?

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Good luck.


I've observed the same thing.



Have you tested this with a control that's capable of sending the inputs with no delay or minimal delay/variance?



I've observed that most of the software for various similar products has similar issues and will have weird quirks and delays, but I don't have a solid baseline control to compare it to, to prove where the issue actually is. (Though in your example the fact that it has a very low delay with no delay listed and then jumps drastically at 1ms seems to point to a software quirk where the mere act of including a delay has processing time that causes a bigger delay than what's listed.)



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