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Advice needed - Gigabyte Aorus Pro X570 + Corsair RGB Pro SL... Compatibility problems?

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I'm planning to finally build myself a PC. Going through the components, I have selected the Gigabyte Aorus Pro X570 as motherboard. Where it could be a problem, is that I also plan to use Corsair RGB Pro SL 3600 (2X16GB) CMH32GX4M2Z3600C18 as ram. I could read on a significative number of reviews (Amazon, Reddit, even here) that those ram can apparently cause problems with this motherboard (or the opposite). A review even claims they aren't compatible with Aorus motherboards at all. Compatibility websites don't note anything particular however.

My question is therefore: Should I go with this combination? Or are those problems likely linked to external factors (bad batch, bug with the bios,...)? What similar motherboard or ram would you recommend to replace this one?

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