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Corsair One a100 CPU Spikes to >90C at Boot

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Like the title says, I've got a One a100 that overheats pretty much at boot up. It will POST and get to the Windows login screen, then shut down before I can even login. The front LED's start to flash red almost as soon as I hit the power button. If I go into the BIOS I can see the CPU temp spiking >90C and the top fan never even turns on. I'm not sure if the CPU AIO is actually pumping either. I've had issues with the CPU temp spiking to >70C at idle, since I bought the thing about 1.5 years ago. It's only recently gotten this bad.

I've pulled the AIO off of the CPU, cleaned it and the AIO, then applied new thermal paste. That didn't help. I even swapped out the CPU with another AMD 3900X that I know runs cool and the temp still spiked. I'm thinking the AIO might be FUBAR. I looked on Corsair's website, but I can't find a like replacement for the AIO. Are spare parts available for the One?

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