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H150i Elite LCD , Red triangle on screen !

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Hello Everyone , i got a new H150i LCD cooler from amazon before 5 days I installed and setup everything in place and its working great and nice until today suddenly i left the pc for moments while gaming , and when back I saw that there is red triangle on the screen tried to reboot or change the screen settings nothing changed nothing fixed ,

I tried to change the splitter port to the second USB on the motherboard and it changed to Pump failure logo on screen with 100% fans but when I checked the pump on iCue its working good but it give me red alert with pump on the screen and the fans are flashing red ! , I changed back the splitter to the original port and now there is no pump failure but still the red triangle

the Temps are okay and everything is alright ! when I try to reboot the pc the triangle came back while booting for some seconds and then it goes until while gaming its coming back on and sometimes go by itself 

now I want to know if there is a problem with the product itself or this is something happening with software or will be fixed with update ?

its working the temps is great but I'm concerned because of the pump failure i saw while changing usb ports ! i want to know if I should return the item it will be defective in the next month or its okay to keep it and wait for update for the firmware ?

if there is any fix or solutions for the red 


Pic Red Triangle

 Pic :Pump Failure

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