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aio fans stuck on 1200-1300rpm

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Hey all,

I recently purchased the H115i Elite Capellix, and I'm having trouble where the AIO fans are running at 1200-1300 rpm even during idle and will not change speed.

I downloaded ICUE software, the AIO fans respond to the lighting effects fine, two other fans connected to the commander pro respond to cooling presets fine as well, but the two AIO fans will not change speed. 

I have tried a custom preset with a fixed rpm of 1600 mainly to see if the aio fans would respond to an increase in rpm, but it didn't work

CPU max temps was 30.


I have a 12th gen i5 12600k, gigabyte z690 gaming x ddr4 motherboard.


Any help, advice, suggestions would be amazing.



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Are they 3 pin DC fans?  Or 4 pin PWM but uncooperative?   The Commander Core is a PWM only controller, so 3 pin DC is out but most 4 pin PWM should work.  If you have a fan that does not, list it so we can keep track of it for other users.  

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