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HD Audio plug mismatch - 1000D case 9pin to 11 pin Crosshair VIII. HELP!

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While getting everything plugged into the Asus Crosshair VIII Extreme motherboard I ran into a snag.. The motherboard has an 11pin AAFP male layout while the 1000D case has a 9pin female layout. I see people use this motherboard in the 1000D but I don't see this coming up as an issue for them.

Is there an adapter that solves this? What are my options here?

Motherboard layout (male)
. . .   . .
. . . . . .

Case plug layout (female)
. . .   .
. . . . . 

Please be my hero. Thanks!

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This looks like an Asus board.  I believe the two pins on one side are Asus specific pins.  I ran into a similar issue with my Asus Z690 Maximus Hero and my 7000D.  It is keyed to go in only 1 way.  You should be able to safely plug it in following the current pin that is blocked out.  It should only go in one way.  I did and have no issues.  You could confirm with Asus tech support.

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Just to add that in my z690 Hero board the pinouts are the same except for the far two right pins.  On my board the far right two pins are something related to Hydranode sound on yours they are the +5VSB_L.  I think that Hydranode is a feature that is not on all boards they sell.  I am 99% sure that you would be fine in plugging in the front panel header following the pinout and not using those to pins labeled +5VSB_L.  That should be the only way it fits in the header.

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