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Corsair fans RGB sync with Amoury Crate

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I recently bought a PC with an Asus B660m-Plus TUF Gaming Wi-Fi D4 motherboard which has an RGB controller built in.

My build also has a PSU with RGB, Ram with RGB and an RGB strip, which are all controlled fine with Armoury Crate.

SInce then I bought and installed 2x Corsair QL140 fans, but I can't seem to sync them up so that I can control all of it in either iCue or Armoury Crate, since the fans can only be controlled in iCue and the rest of the hardware is for the time being only controlled through Armory Crate.


Countless Google searches etc. have led me no closer to a solution, and I was kind of hoping that there would be a "detect new devices" button in Armoury Crate or iCue.


Have anyone had success controlling all of their RGB hardware through either or of the two programs?


Thank you!

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Amoury Crate and icue have a difficult relationship. To avoid conflicts, try going into services.msc, find the Amoury Crate entry, and set it to delay start. This allows icue to load first and grab the icue hardware first.

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There isn’t going to be a one program solution for this. CUE can potentially control the MB RGB panels and 12v RGB headers through a CUE plugin that can be enabled in the cue settings. However, it is not going to be able to control the PSU RGB or the strips if they are 5v D-RGB or RAM from other manufacturers.  Likewise armory crate has no idea what to do with a double sided 34 LED fan like the QL. 

Since I think you need AC regardless in this situation, you might look at a 3rd party adapter for the fans to connect to your motherboard 5v headers. This will turn them into a “dumb” 68 LED strip and you will loose the fan specific effects available in CUE, but would allow one program control. The alternative is leave the QL on the Corsair controller, turn OFF the Asus plugin in cue settings, and then use both programs for their intended purpose. This likely gives you the highest degree of RGB creativity and control. 

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I have to say, i believe there is also an issue with the latest Armory Crate version. I wasnt able to control even the 12v RGB header fan lighting in live mode - only the hardware mode (when ICue doesnt run) was working. But changing the lighting with profiles and iCue-App-Control didnt work. 

Its such a shame that every brand needs to have its own specialized standards and many preventing the you from even create a solution to orchestrate , either because their SDK is only allowing you to give input (and no output), not providing an SDK at all if youre not developing something fancy like game integration which will be commercially sold so they could use it for marketing or not even having an SDK for third parties...

Would be pretty easy to simply write a "translation" from one lighting standard to the other , but no... they wont let us 😛

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