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K70 and 4-port KVM?

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The topic of whether Corsair keyboards work with a KVM switch keeps cropping up. I've run into several different suggested solutions, including
- Plugging one cable of the keyboard into the keyboard slot of the KVM, and the other into one of the USB slots (computer responded when I typed, but it was gibberish)
- Several specific KVM switches recommended, but all were 2 port (I need 4 port)
- Using a powered USB hub, attaching the Corsair to that, then plugging the USB hub into the USB 3.0 port of the KVM (most affordable KVMs have only USB 2.0, the ones that are 4 port and 3.0 are 300 dollars or more; I don't know if the setup will work with a 2.0 KVM). 

I've got a K70 RGB keyboard which is a joy to type on, but at the moment I'm in the position of using the Corsair directly wired to my main work computer, a wireless keyboard attached to the other work computer, and I have to physically connect one of the keyboards to the household computer when I need to use that. Not ideal, obviously. Fortunately the mouse and monitor work fine through the KVM, so it's just the keyboards that I have to juggle. 

I'd rather not blow hundreds of dollars more to get this to work more smoothly, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm game to give it a try. 

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Hi EmZee,

The only USB Hub we can guarantee a Corsair Keyboard will work on is our Corsair USB Hub

(found here  -- https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Thunderbolt-Docks/USB100/p/CU-9000003-NA ) 

Unfortunately, nothing else tends to handle the power and data requirements of our keyboards sufficiently.

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Thanks for the info on the Corsair hub.  I don't know if using such a USB hub with a KVM would behave any better than what I've currently got (sort of) working - see below. 

Based on this forum post, I have been able to get my keyboard to (mostly) work with my KVM switch - by attaching both its plugs to a powered USB hub (not Corsair brand) and feeding that to the regular USB passthrough on the KVM switch. Interestingly, the USB passthrough on the KVM is just 2.0. That linked post referenced a 3.0 outlet on the KVM (looking into those, they were quite expensive for my needs). 

Hotkey switching does not work, with this setup, which is inconvenient - but better than physically moving keyboards! I'm researching a replacement KVM with a remote, which would be better than having to stretch to reach the on-switch buttons on the KVM. 

Other things I've tried:  Connecting the "keyboard" plug from the Corsair into the keyboard slot on the KVM and the "power" plug into a regular slot on the KVM. No luck there, which I guess isn't surprising since the KVM isn't powered. Possibly that would work better with a powered KVM but most of the entry-level ones don't require power, and we're talking hundreds of dollars for the higher-end KVM switches.   Connecting the keyboard plug to the KVM and the power plug to the powered USB hub. In both cases the keyboard simply didn't respond. 

I definitely would encourage Corsair to do some research into this: Even pre-COVID, there were people who had multi-computer setups, and since COVID and work-from-home, that setup has proliferated. I truly enjoy my Corsair keyboard - it's a joy to type on - but my 20 dollar cheapo Logitech wired keyboard worked seamlessly with the setup. 

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On 3/11/2022 at 2:07 PM, EmZee said:

20 dollar cheapo Logitech wired keyboard worked seamlessly with the setup. 

The power and data requirements of a fully mechanical NKRO keyboard, with macro support, and multiple layers of RGB lighting, are a lot different than a cheap 20$ keyboard, that's the thing.

I will absolutely pass this feedback along to the appropriate team for consideration and review, though!

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