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DDR5-5600 Dominator - Periodically stops cycling colours

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I've got a 2x16GB kit - CMT32GX5M2X5600C36

I keep noticing that with a scene colour set in icue, "Rainbow Wave" for example, that the colours just lockup and get stuck.  I have to exit icue, and restart, for the colour cycling to work again.

Everything up to date with regards to updates or firmware.

Any ideas anyone?


I already did the SPD=WRITE change in my BIOS for icue to even detect the RAM.



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Any other RGB or monitoring software running?  The ‘freeze’ is likely the Corsair Lighting Service crashing. Software conflict is most common, but not exclusively the underlying cause. 

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Make sure you aren't attempting to run the Asus Armoury Crate software at the same time as iCUE, even for a few moments, as it will also attempt to connect to and control RGB memory installed in your Asus motherboard preventing the iCUE software from being able to maintain the connection.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, but I only run exclusively icue to control all the Corsair ecosystem in my box.

Armoury crate is a mess, and i've never installed it.  I don't run any other monitoring or RGB controlling software.

All the other Corsair device RGB lighting works flawlessly, it's just this RAM kit.


For reference, this is my icue main page:




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I have excactly the same issue sinse the last Icue update - RAM is in the Raindrop Mode - Clolour Blue and Pink.

When my PC is on Load (CPU) then the Dominator Kit changes colours randomly - also the Mode is more a 80's I blik everywhere then the adjusted Raindrop mode in Blue and Pink.

Reinstalld Icue / Changed Hardware with another Pair of Dominator - still same issue.


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