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Why does iCue Crash So Much?


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If I check reliability monitor, iCue crashes a lot. The problem with this, is that it runs my fan profiles and they do not have a hardware option. When I find out that it has crashed, my system is already running hotter than normal. How can you sell hardware linked to this unreliable software? I feel like I need to go with a different brand to get the reliability that I need?

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Do you have any other RGB software installed simultaneously with iCUE?

Other software can conflict and cause crashing.


Attempt to repair the iCUE software

Control Panel

Programs and Features

Right Click the iCUE software

Select Repair

Restart computer


Let me know if you still have issue with software.



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My ICue started to crash. it doesn't crash it takes an hour or so before it does. Is there a log that I can look at?

* The PC is few weeks old so don't have any software installed except asus but I don't have them running (their services do).

* did clean ICue reinstall (removed registry keys and app data files)

* I uninstalled Asus Armory to see if it will help. 

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