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Make my own cable power sata

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Hello guys,

I am searching about "How should I make my own cable power sata" because I want create a system to power on and off the hard drive through a simple button (on/off). I intend cut the power or turn on the power to the hard drive on my server home.

The operation will be doing with computer turn off. Before I pull the button, to start up the system, I configure the switch (on/off) and turn on the system. Never I will operate the switch with the computer (OS) turn on.

My doubt it is relative the type of cables and connectors power sata (I think the molex it is the correctly name). The switch and the lid to handle the switches I will use a simple switches and a little blacksmith works.

I found this video. But it is relative at 2010, maybe exist a new methods and connectors.

What do you think about my purpose? All ideas will be welcome 🙂


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