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Crystal 280x rgb case, fans and case front removal

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Just got the 280x rgb case. The manual clearly shows the front can be removed like for cleaning the dust filter. The drawing just shows pulling on the left side. Is this correct or is it just that tight, I didn’t want to force it. I thought I read some reviews that complained it couldn’t be removed. 

also this is going to be a basic build. No gaming needs,or  gpu. Graphics from the CPU
intel Core i5-12400   
I’ll have 2 hard drives installed besides the ssd on board. 

What do you recommend for cooling besides the 2 front fans preinstalled? I was just going to use the cpu fan that came with the cpu not an aio . Should I add 2 more 120 fans in the top, another in the back?



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It can be removed. it's tight at first, which can be a bit frightening but I've taken my front off several times now.

As for the cooling - with no GPU in play, you should be just fine. I'd suggest two fans up top - you won't get one in the back (not easily)

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Thanks, I appreciate the reply.

I see in the manual they mention a spot for a fan also on the right side (as well the bottom) , not on the back. I could have sworn the non RGB manual shows 1 fan in the front and the other in the rear. Can’t see why it would be different.

not sure how much good the fan on the tight side would do unless the hard drives really ran hot, so I think I’ll do the 2 top fan as exhaust as you suggest. Would you recommend leaving the glass top off or will the fans really be able to exhaust around it?

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