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Melted wire from PSU to H100i RGB

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I was putting together my new rig and everything was put together and I went to turn it on. When hitting the on button, all the fans and rgb switched on for a second and then all turned off. We checked the fuse in the house and the plug and that didn’t seem to be the issue. After some troubleshooting, we found out than unplugging one of 2 sata cables (one with 4 daisy chains) allowed for the rest of the PC to startup. After this, we wanted to test the individual components connected to the 4 chains to see if one of the components was the issue. We had an HDD, SSD, Corsair H100i Platinum cooler, and a 6-fan Corsair rgb hub. When testing each one individually, the wire from the sata cable to the cpu cooler unit melted. Is the problem with the sata cable or something else? I’m fairly new to building PCs so any help is much appreciated!

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I'd guess that the SATA cable that you unplugged didn't come with your PSU and so you wound up with a short circuity. PSU cables are not interchangeable.

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