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icue USB Disconnect / Connect Sound on Windows startup

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I noticed yesterday that when I start Windows, as soon as I get to the desktop, I hear a USB Discconnect and immediately afterwards USB Connect Sound.

I don't know since when the problem has existed, because until now I only had a headset on the PC.

I was able to isolate the problem with icue.

i stopped icue autostart... when i restart pc, first comes USB disconnect.

I start iCue I hear USB Connect Sound..

I have autostart icue.. then comes after Windows start, a disconnect and as soon as icue is active, comes connect sound.

I have read a lot of posts on Google, some of which are very old but without a solution.

I have some Corsair hardware:
Commander Pro
9x 140LL fans
Corsair AIO, Corsair RAM, etc.

Do you have tipps for me ?

*Sorry for Google Translator 

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same issue here ... i'm using H100i Elite Capellix with latest firmware (v. 2.10.219) and everytime when windows startup i will heard usb connect/disconnect sound and RGB light on both fan and pump will turn off and on by itself 1-2 second  .... or if i try to close the iCue software and re-open it as soon as you open iCue the RGB light will turn off 1-2 second then on

*this issue never happen to the previous firmware for this cooler
and also i try to re-install older version of iCue but it still not fix this issue 

Please help me 😞 Corsair Support

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