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Hello guys, it had been a long time after I have posted a thread in Corsair Forum.

Today, I came here with a project named pyrgbdev. As you have might expected, this is a Python library that controls RGB devices easily.

Corsair Official offers Python SDK named cue-sdk, however this is kind of time consuming when somebody tries to start the library from the very bottom. 

So I have made a Python library that can easily control RGB devices with cython.


Using cue-sdk needs some basic knowledge about Corsair SDK. However, by using my library you can easily achieve that without knowing any details to Corsair SDK.

You can easily just use the codes below in order to set your whole Mouse LED go Yellow (255, 255, 0)

>>> from pyrgbdev import Corsair  
>>> a = Corsair.sdk()  
>>> a.connect()  
>>> a.set_rgb({"Mouse": (255, 255,0)})  


Also since my project covers Corsair and Razer at the same time with the same code features, you can sync those two SDKs using my library as well. I have demo GUI program that runs demo scripts.


This is the GUI of the program and has three features till now.


1. Screen Reactive

This reacts to the screen color and sets all connected device's color into the most dominant color.


Night vision in COD


Flashbang in COD


Blood in COD


2. Rainbow Shifting

This does rainbow shifting across all device's at once. No matter if it is a Corsair device, or Razer device this will sync the same colors


3. Static Lighting

This sets all device's color into a static lighting effect.


So, if anyone wants to use CUE SDK with python on their project easily, you can use pyrgbdev. I did the time consuming part, so everyone else who are willing to make a project can just focus on their projects, not on SDKs. Its 100% free and open source.

You can check my project on github. I constantly fixing and adding features to the library, so please stay tuned! Also any issue reporting and testing the library with your devices are always welcomed!

Also, if this thread violates the rules of forum, I would be taking this post down immediately.
Thank you.




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