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Awful customer service and warranty!

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In January I bought one wireless Headset Void Pro in a shop, but it turned out battery was dead, I contacted customer service to ask for a warranty replace as I thought Corsair was a well-known and serious brand. Man, I was wrong. First, they told me that the model I bought was not listed anymore and offered me a new model for replacement. This is ok for me, I thought, even better. 

Then the nightmare started...

The first thing is not up to them to be honest but I had plenty of problems with DHL. 

But once this was fixed, I just patiently wait for my new replacement.

When it finally came, I was a little upset it was a refurbished one, not a new one (mine was still less than 1 week old when I bought it). But it's ok, I thought. Let's put it on.

And, to my surprise, it didn't work.

The USB dongle was continuously connecting and disconnecting. A lot of noise in the headset and not even 5 seconds before dc/connect again. It didn't matter which port I use, Wich driver, or even computer. it just didn't work.


I ask for a new replacement, and even told them to return my previous dongle as it was working just fine for the previous headset.

For this I got a no problem answer. and they told me that 5-10 days to deliver the substitution.

After 10 days, and no new, I requested info again, (Very upset). And it's been more than a month without any reply from them.


So, I discourage anyone to buy from Corsair, this is not even a serious way to treat customers.



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  • Corsair Employees

You had a 6-year-old headset for which the information sticker was completely rubbed off and was approved for a replacement regardless and upgraded as a courtesy.  

I see an agent is taking care of you and is awaiting a reply from you.

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