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ELITE Series Retention Kit still not available

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Good Morning. 


In addition to having an idea of when the kit will be available again, I have a question about it also. I have the spec, as below and I can't seem to understand how to use the retrofit kit, The shorter stand off screws have a different M thread on either end, The thumb screws don't fit the bigger end and the bigger end won't fit into the backplate through the MB - I'm quite confused. I am trying to attach an H115i Elite Capellix to the i7 12700k 12th Gen processor. It is literally the only thing left to do on this build - I have to say everything else has fitted wonderfully. I look forward to your thoughts and advice, in general - Please forgive my duplicate post if this is already out there as I could not find anything other than posts from Mid 2021. 

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Sorry I need to correct the title - ELITE Series Retention Kit - CW-8960093 it the part that is not available. I have already ordered the retrofit kit, yet to arrive.

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