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My Void Elite Wireless is changing my volume without me touching anything

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Just got a refurbished Void RGB Elite Wireless and the first day with it was flawless! Today when I turned on my computer and started using it my volume started adjusting on its own. The blue windows volume bar will now scroll up and down rapidly with no input from me. it will either go to max volume or no volume and return to that state when i try to change it manually through the computer. Also the volume wheel is now only occasionally working and will turn the volume down despite being pushed in the volume up direction. ive done my best to look for a previous solution but have not been able to find anything on this specific issue. is this something software related that can be fixed with an update or setting change or is it my specific device as it is refurbished?

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Is there a pattern to when this happens, or does it happen at random even if you're not using the system?

Try booting in safe mode and see if it happens then.

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