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Commander Core XT - 7 RGB Fans

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I have been reading forums and watching videos, and nothing seems to answer this question...

I have 7 ML RGB fans. 3 - 140mm on the front, 3 - 120mm on top with the AIO rad, and 1 - 120mm on the rear.

I am not questioning PWM control, I am fine using a splitter for one of the fans.

What I want to know is how I can use sequential lighting effects across all 7 fans. For instance, using the infinity effect in sequence. I understand using a splitter for the RGB will not work for sequential lighting. I read that in many threads and heard it in many videos and its rather intuitive.

To the questions:

If I buy a Lighting Node Core, will that let me put them in sequence or will iCUE not allow that?

Should I have bought the Commander Pro and 2 Node Pros instead? (I have time to return the Commander Core XL still, if that is a more viable option)

There is a USB daisy chain, can I daisy chain another Commander Core XL with the current Commander Core XL if at some point I feel like adding additional fans? Will that allow me to make all the fans sequential?

If none of these work, what is the proper way to make this happen?


This is not a matter of practicality. I understand that practically I am set as is, because RGB isn't necessary and I could just leave one fan unlit... But I didn't spend all that money on 7 high-end fans to have one of them only blowing air. If I wanted fans that didn't light up, I would have gone with Noctua or be quiet! or some other brand offering what I was looking for without RGB. But Corsair had the functionality I needed (high static pressure with good airflow) AND the RGB I wanted. But here I sit with a dark fan and I am not a... Fan.



This seems to be a point spoken about enough (having 7 fans) that Corsair would address it... Like having a unit that controls... well... 7 fans. Or one unit for 12 fans that you can use with 1-12 fans. This is becoming Apple vibes with all of this proprietary BS too, and I am not in support of this type of business model. Corsair sells products to people with custom setups. Mix-and-match. No compromise here, compromise there. Why they wouldn't tend to that consumer base as well is beyond me. If it isn't conforming to their standards, then at least have it all accessible through the same software. Let me control my MSI GPU or my Asus MB or my G.Skill RAM or my MSI AIO... They are all addressable 3-pin RGB. But all that iCUE allows is Corsair products. Even if they can't be used with sequential lighting effects. I just don't get the thought process. I bought what I bought because they had what I wanted. Which, I remind you, is the reason I have these fans. They have what I wanted. But now I have an unlit fan and yet another software to control them, which is not at all what I wanted.


Corsair, get your sh*t together. End rant. If I could get an answer to the question you probably forgot I asked though, that'd be pretty cool.

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You'll have limits to what is you can do sequentially regardless of the devices that you have. You'll be able to do a Lighting Link effect but those are rather limited compared to what you can do with a single channel effect.

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2 hours ago, WangChung27 said:

So what I am looking to do is not within the realm of possibilities at this point in time, correct?

Based on my understand of what you want to do - a complex sequential effect that crosses multiple channels - that is correct. It's not possible with iCUE. 

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