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ML140 Pro RGB spinning slower than expected?

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I currently have my fans all running off the Commander Core that came with my H115i Elite Capellix AIO. I have the two fans that came with the cooler plugged into ports 1 & 2(both PWM and RGB connections), two non-lit ML140 Pro fans on the bottom(the case is a 600Q, the inverted one) connected to PWM ports 3 & 4, and a new ML140 Pro RGB plugged into PWM & RGB port 5. I created a speed profile that's set to a fixed 100% and assigned all the fans to use it. The front and bottom fan speeds are hovering around 1750-1800 rpm, but the rear fan is only doing about 1100 rpm. Is there any reason why that one fan might be running so much slower?

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Yes, those are three different fan types with three different motors and specifications. 

The fans from the AIO kit are “ML-Elite OEM” with an 8 LED center hub and 2000 rpm max on the 140mm model. 

Your non-RGB are ML-Pro and also have a 2000 rpm max on the 140mm. 

The ML140 RGB at the bottom is a 4 LED center hub with a 1200 rpm free air max. 

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