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Icue not working with Hubs & Switches

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Hello Icue Community,


Due to the nature of my setup and the limited space I have, I am required to use a USB switch with my Keyboard and mouse because I need to switch which device the keyboard is connected to very often ( Ihave two computers one personal, and my work PC connected to the same peripherals and I just presss the button on the switch to switch my KB/M inputs and manually swap the HDMI/DisplayPort cords out) 


I have found since Updating Icue to the newest version Icue is no longer able to detect my keyboard (A k70 RGB Mk 2) when connected to the switch, previously before the update (or rather before i got a new computer that was running windows 11 instead of 10 and had to redownload Icue) its not able to detect it. It says "Device is unavailable" but if i remove it from the switch and plug it directly into my personal computer (which is not feasible for long term or ordinary use) it works fine


Any assistance would be appreciated

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