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Corsair should attempt something different with mouses.


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All their mouses have side buttons and I'm a left handed person, so using these mouses with buttons on the right side is quite uncomfortable. It rubs the side of your fingers and can feel super rough and annoying to deal with.

I know what some of you may be thinking "Just buy a mouse outside of corsair that is made for left handed people or a mouse made for both left and right handed people." 

The thing is,. I love Corsair, I'm a big fan of their products and have been a supporter of them for years. They've never let me down with their products and I'm always left satisfied. However, their mouses are probably the only products that I don't feel satisfied with. As cool as they look, it sucks being a left handed user and deal with these buttons on the side. 

Now here's something interesting that Logitech made for their Chaos Spectrum mouse. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Wireless Mouse has a feature where it's optional if you want to use the side buttons on the right side OR left side of the mouse. Basically, the buttons are removable and you can put a plating on it, making it as if the buttons were never there. I would love to see Corsair implement this idea to their mouses, giving users the option of wanting to add side buttons or not. 

I hope Corsair reads this and considers this feature for future mouses. Since left handed people aren't common, I'm hoping they could make a new mouse that's made for both left and right handed people and have a removable side button feature or no side button features at all. 

This is something new and less repetitive to the mouses they have out now. 


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The M55 Pro is the only one that reasonably fits the request, but I understand your point and it's not going to be in the same build/cost bin at the one your mentioned above.  

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