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Turn off lights and Y splitter for RPM control through 1 commander XT


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Hello, I want to connect 2 Corsair SP, 3 Corsalir ML and 3 Corsair LL fans to commander Core XT.

Also I have another Lighting node... 


I have some questions:

Can I connect 2 fans to 1 hub using Y splitter for controlling RPM? Or I need to connect the 2 extra fans PWM to my mother board and control it with other tool?

My mobo is MSI Z690 A PRO DDR4.


The other question is Can I turn off lights using ICUE software? Like create a profile or color without  light?


In short: I have 8 corsair fans, hydro XDS5, lighting pro kit and ekwb velocity rgb waterblock. What I need to control RPM?  Can I turn off the lights?

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1) Yes, you can use PWM splitters.

2) Yes, you can turn off the lights. There's a couple of ways for different scenarios but it's 100% do-able.

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Two easy ways and it will depend on how you want to use it. 

1) Create a “scene”. In CUE 4 these scenes are master lighting overlays. You can change the profile underneath and the programmed actions, fan speeds, etc will change, but this overrides all lighting settings. You can create it from the main cue window. Add a static color scene and then turn down the RGB values to 0. This useful for a quick click on/off “blackout” setting and what use when I leave it on overnight. 

2) Create a blackout profile. Create a specific CUE profile with all devices set with no lighting or a static black 0,0,0. The advantage of this method is you can create a profile change and bind it to a specific key on Corsair KBs and mice for instant on/off lights. This might be preferable if you need to shift in and out of dark mode frequently. The scene method above is likely easier if you only use it once in a while or nightly. 

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