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Corsair 5000D with H150i Elite and 7RGB fan setup suggestions


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Hello everyone,

I really appreciate any input people can provide. I'm in the process of building a new system. Here's the hardware I have to work with

  • Corsair 5000D Airflow case
  • H150i Elite CAPELLIX 360mm AIO (Comes with Command CORE)
  • 7 ML120 RGB case fans

I'm going for mounting the 360mm rad on top of the case and populating all 120MM fan cutouts (3 front, 3 side, 1 rear) with ML120s.

I'm looking for the cleanest setup for driving the fans and RGBs. Here is what's on my mind for keeping everything on one Command CORE and a PWM repeater:


Using the Command CORE

On the fan side

  • Use ports 1,2,3 for the rad fans, port 4 for the exhaust fan and port 5 would go to the PWM repeater to drive the 6 case fans.

On the RGB side

  • Option 1: Use three 2-way splitters I found on ebay to split the 6 RGB headers into 10 to drive the 10 RGB fans. I understand that 4 of the ports would be grouped into two so the RGB output would be identical on the two grouped fans. Is this a problem?
  • Option 2: Use Corsair RGB LED Fan HUB to drive the 6 case fans and the remaining 4 on the Command CORE


I also don't like how Corsair has the AIO fans on separate PWM headers. What's the point of being able to control each fan individually on the AIO? I may use a second PWM repeater to just drive the AIO fans and the one exhaust so they just show up as one fan in iCUE. I would then have 2 total groups of fans. The intake side with the 6 and the exhaust side with the 3 on the AIO and 1 exhaust.

Anyway, any suggestion would be appreciated!

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I am building this exact same system next weekend.

I was wondering can just  use the RGB hub that comes with the Fans and the Commander Core that comes with the AIO and plug them straight into the USB 1 & 2 on the Commander Pro? 

Will that be able to run all 7 fans power and RGB and have them show up in iCUE properly?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. My existing build is 10 years old now and RGB wasn't a thing back then 😂

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