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Connecting old cooler/PSU to iCue?


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Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I've been looking for an answer to this for a while, but it looks like I missed the train on this one and information seems scarce. I recently upgraded my PC, and I finally have the following:

i7 12700K
32GB DDR4 3200
MSI PRO-A z690
and some other stuff like an nvme etc.

For cooling I kept my old cooler, which is the H100. Must be almost 10 years old now. I really wanted to avoid getting a new one too, but it seems to be doing the job. Didn't have to change my PSU either, it's the RM1000. That one must be about 8 years old. Both of them however have some connectors, and seem to be able to connect to a Corsair Link. I also read something about a Commander but I couldn't find a lot about that. I could find that Link is dead now, however I'd like to connect them and get info from them still. 

So is it possible to get them to somehow pass whatever data they can give to iCue? I also don't have any cables that would match those ports on them.

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The RM1000 might be supported but the cooler certainly is not. You'll be able to run Link.

I would suggest a new cooler though. While I understand that it seems to be doing the job, that's also about double its design life. There is wear and tear on these things as well as corrosion over time. They simply do not last forever. It is absolutely foreseeable that sometime in the near future this cooler will finally give up the ghost. Why wait for that to happen?

Also, it just occurred to me that it is highly unlikely that you'll be able to find a mounting bracket for that cooler to the LGA1700 bracket.

The PSU, however, is probably still good.

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  • Corsair Employees

If its the RM1000 with a part number of CP-9020062, it was compatible with the now legacy LINK software but required the purchase of a separate cable which is no longer available for purchase or in stock to be sent out as a courtesy as that PSU and the accessories for that PSU have been discontinued for quite a few years.

Further your cooler is not going to be compatible with any Intel 12-gen CPU due to the new socket and stack height differences. As both units are going to be well outside of warranty you are probably best purchasing a new cooler and PSU. If either products fail in a way that cause damage to your system we will be unable to assist since they are both well beyond their expected lifespans and outside of warranty.

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I didn't get notified for your replies, but thank you both. I actually just installed the cooler with the same bracket and standoffs that I had on the LGA1155. A friend of mine did give me these retention standoffs cause he had extra, but they were too low. The cooler wouldn't go low enough for them to go through its holes. With the ones I've been using, it seems to be making good contact with good pressure, and it keeps it cool. Benching does raise two of my cores to 95 degrees, but I'm assuming that's from the wear on the cooler over the years, not from height incompatibility. I do plan on getting a new cooler eventually when I can save money for it. I have some new corsair ones in mind.

So I'm keeping an eye out for gradual worsening on the cooler,  and the PSU seems to be doing its job without faltering. In the meantime, since those cables are out of stock, do you know what they're called, so I could perhaps search for them in places where they might be left out in stock or to get them from another owner? That's one cable for the Link for the PSU(RM1000), and one for the cooler(H100). And what else would I need to get other than the cable? Think it's worth looking for them?

Thanks again!

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