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Corsair iCUE 465x / H100i ELITE CAPALLIX cooler - build questions

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I am just researching my first build and am currently looking at the Corsair iCUE 465x case that comes with 3 LL120fans built into the front. I am looking to use an ASUS B450-F motherboard and Corsair Dominator RAM.

1. If I install the radiator and fans of the H100i cooler on the roof, am I going to have clearance issues with the RAM? Should I just install the radiator behind the fans at the front of the case and the pair of fans that come with the cooler on the roof?

2. The fans at the front of the case are LL120s and I intend to install a single LL120 at the rear. Will all these fans (the 4 LL120s and the 2 ML120s that come with the cooler) plug into the Commander Core ok and so I can disregard the  lighting node that comes with the case?

3. Will the ML120 fans look and work ok with the LL120s, in terms of RGB and the light patterns I can set through iCUE? Or should I replace the 2 ML120s with LL120s so all the fans are the same?

Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Jamie

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I can't answer #1 for certain but I can address the others.

2) Yes, that's correct.

3) They will work with the LLs. They'll be configured all in iCUE. There will be separate effects in iCUE for the ML vs the LL fans but Lighting Link effects will work on them. The MLs won't be as pretty or as bright as the LL's, especially from the front but they won't look awful either. Should you replace them? That's completely up to you.

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1) Most likely the radiator needs to be front mounted. The 465 is typical of the smaller “midsize case” with a shallow top. If you look at any images from the side you can see the RAM goes right to the top of the side panel. It definitely will not fit with tall Dominator modules. 

2) As above, but it depends on which “H100i” you have. You mentioned the Commander Core so I assume you mean the H100i Elite. The answer changes based on the actual model. 

3) As mentioned, a 8 LED center hub fan and a 16 LED ring fan won’t look the same. The Commander Core will compensate for LED count but you also have the ability to run them with separate effects. LL specific 1-3 + 6 and then a different effect for the two ML-Elite fans. However, all of this likely changes because of #1. 

You’ll have to assess the visuals with the radiator in the front. You likely wish to keep the front LL look and that moves the ML-Elite to the top. They may not be visible from your sitting position and become down lights more than anything else.  It also will be a very easy change to swap them later if LL are preferred. 

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Thanks for the quick response.

I suspected they would look a bit different, but it’s good to know they will work together ok. I reckon I will install the MLs and see how they look. If they’re on the roof, they won’t be as on display as the 4 other LLs, so any difference may not bother me. 

Thanks again. 


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C-attack - Hi, you’re response came up as I was replying to the first one. 

Many thanks. 

I was thinking I would have clearance issues. In fact I’m not sure I’ve seen this case with the radiator and fans installed at the top, the radiator seems to be at the front. Looks like that’ll be the way to go. 

And yes, it is the ELITE I’m looking at with the included Commander Core. 

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