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VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT - RGB Profile Lost On Plug/Unplug

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As title says, the second I plug my headset in to charge it or unplug it my color profile instantly turns back to default and red. I use the headset a lot for VR and then plug it back in when I sit down so this is rather annoying and an issue that I experience multiple times per day. I've tried what is listed below to no avail, and have come here for support as I'm out of troubleshooting ideas and potential solutions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Note : I have tried what's in this link above, didn't work sadly.

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Since I can't edit my own post, I suppose I'll have to just post again. I have even given up on using my own profile and even if I set the colors I want to default this still occurs. I can't get around it even by deleting my profile and using the default one. The very second I unplug or plug in that USB-C it's just boom back to red. And it's only the headset showing the red, according to the profile it's still set to the color I selected. I have no conflicting programs and have reset the headset multiple times as seen in this article.



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