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Additional memory to a HP nx7000 Laptop


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Hi, I have an HP nx7000 laptop (also known as Compaq X1000) which currently has a 512Mb PC2100 Infinineon chip in one of the two memory slots (266,CL2 according to the sticker on the chip). I'm looking for an additional 512mb chip and was wondering which DDR SODIMM chip(s) from Cosair that can be used together with the already existing chip.


The motherboard in the nx7000 uses apparently a 266Mhz memory bus speed, according to the maintenance manuals from HP's site, I presume that a 333Mhz module is backward compatible a can thus be used? I would prefer a 333Mhz module if possible, just in case I should decide to buy a new laptop in the near future, which is likely to use 333mhz memory.


Thanks in advance!

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