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Corsair One a200 2.5" drive SATA cable missing & front USB port header extremely "stressed"


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I just upgraded from a Corsair One i200 to an a200 with the 3080 Ti.  While waiting for my Samsung 870 Evo 4 TB SATA SSD, this weekend I loaded up my new a200 with 64 GB of Corsair Vengeance memory and a spare 2 TB nvme drive in the secondary M2 slot.  I used towels between case panels as I worked on things the whole time to make sure that none of the beautifully manufactured case was scratched.  Everything went great other than just taking quite a bit of time, I put the case back together and started it up - all set until I need to add the 2.5" SATA drive when it arrives.

The Samsung drive arrived yesterday, so last night I removed the CPU side panel, removed the two screws securing the 2.5" drive tray, removed the drive tray carefully and easily fished out the SATA power connector.  I then spent the next ten minutes with a flashlight looking for the SATA data cable and finally realized I couldn't find it because it wasn't there.  I referenced the forums and posts by Corsair employees several times to ensure I would be able to add a 2.5" SATA drive - there are multiple Corsair employee posts indicating that this is fine to do and provide a link to the official Corsair video for the steps on how to upgrade drives and memory.

While I was looking for the SATA data cable I noticed two other things.  One, is that the USB header for the front USB ports is seriously stressed.  By that I mean, there is a bundle of zip-tied cables tucked into the corner of the case on the GPU side, and Corsair apparently just jams the front USB ports cable into that header without regard to the angle it is connecting from.  Instead of being straight into the board USB header at 90 degrees, it is more like 60-70 degrees, which is undoubtedly putting a lot of stress on the connector assembly - which can't be good long term and could cause any weak solder points for the header pins on the board to crack or separate due to the stress and heat over time, and I will lose those front ports.

The other thing I noticed is that I'm not sure I stand an ice cube's chance in hell of getting a SATA data cable connected to one of the SATA ports on the motherboard, even a right-angle connector due to the clearance between the port and the panel of the case on that side, which I don't believe is removable, and even if it is would require major "surgery" to accomplish.

So, sure, I love the design of the Corsair One and it's a powerful machine for it's size but for $4000 plus tax, is there really any reason you guys couldn't triple-check to make sure you didn't miss including the SATA data cable?

I'm not a professional photographer, I've had shakey hands since two years old, I'm using an iPhone for the pics, and it's tough to get any good angle where you can clearly see what I see when I have the case open - but, there are a few pics attached. 

Do you have any help for me Corsair?



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  • Corsair Employees

Hi @LilHammer

Depending which specific model within the a200 range you ordered - there may not have been a HDD within.

In this case, additional cables would not have been included.

As for the other cables - the tolerances within the case and the cable management leave very little room for routing cables as you would in a larger case.

We would of course cover any failure due to the cables being arranged in that way for the full duration of the warranty.

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