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Question: Corsair ICUE and 5V aRGB Peripherals

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I'm hoping someone way smarter than me can help me answer this question🙂:

Background: I am currently planning out a new build and have my sights set on an ASUS 570 Strix-series motherboard. This board is equipped with one addressable 5V aRGB header. I also have three 5V aRGB peripherals that I would like to connect to the board using a 3-way splitter cable. I will also be installing some additional Corsair peripherals such as LL140mm RGB fans and some LS100 light strips. Ultimately, I would like to control everything with one software program - ICUE. This should not be an issue for the fans and light strips since I will be connecting them using a Commander Core and a Lighting Node Pro.

I understand that it is possible to integrate the ASUS Aura and ICUE software by downloading a few things and adjusting a few settings. However, much of what I have read states the ICUE can only recognize/control peripherals that are connected to the 12V headers on the ASUS motherboard...everything else must be controlled using ASUS Aura. Since you can only run one of the 2 programs at any given time, I don't know how I could accomplish this.

Question: Would it be possible to connect all three 5V aRGB devices to a 5V/12V converter, such as the DeepCool RGB converter, using the 5V 3-way splitter cable and then connect the converter to a 12V header on the motherboard? Would it be possible for ICUE to recognize/control the 3 aRGB peripherals then?

Any assistance is appreciated.




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You can connect 5V ARGB with an extension to Corsair Commander Pro, Lighting Node Pro, etc...

I have my GPU connected via ARGB. You might need a Y splitter too, but all should work fine with Corsair, no need for ASUS Aura.

Corsair won't recognize anything connected to the MoBo. You need a Corsair controller.

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The DeepCool "converter" won't give you real, addressable RGB. It converts the single color analog RGB to something like 100 addressable LEDs with all the same color value. It's not very useful, tbh. 

iCUE won't recognize or directly support any 3rd party RGB devices. But there are 3rd party adapters out there in the wild that work and that a number of folks around here have used. 

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