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Virtuoso RGB Wireless - Bluetooth audio problems

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Hello everybody 🙂

recently i've been having sound issues with my Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Headset. 
I normally use it in wireless mode without problems, but on monday while i was playing they started to sound REALLY bad.
I was playing Call of Duty so sounds were already gunfires and explosion... 😂 but suddenly i started hearing crackles and popping noises, really distorted sound and ultra-high volume, at the point that i had to take them off in order not to hurt my ears (and prevent them to get damaged) 

turned them off; audio was fine through my speakers. turned them back on, audio was fine on the headset too. for a few minutes though. after a couple matches i got the same issue. So i thought, maybe it's the game? nope! after a few minutes of music listening, same problem.

So i started to troubleshoot the problem by myself. this is what i first tried

-windows update check 
-general audio driver update check
-in iCue all seemed fine; iCue, receiver and headset all updated and recognizing. I can pair them together without problems
-changed usb port for the receiver
-tried removing the headset from the device manager and performed a clean iCue removal and re-installation
-headphones reset through the mic button

nothing worked.

while it's in cable mode, it sounds great, no issues. as soon as i get in wireless mode, after a few minutes it crackles. so i'm thinking of some receiver problems... maybe some drivers/software issues. i don't think it can be a hardware problem because as i said before if i turn them off/on audio is fine for some time

My headset part nr is CA-9011186-EU
My ICUE Version: 4.20.169
My Headset version: 0.17.149
My dongle version: 0.16.80

Many thanks in advance to anybody that will help 😊

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