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Corsair Virtuoso Battery Problem

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Hi There!

I have just bought a Virtuoso Headset with firmware v.0.17.149 and my ICUE software version is v.4.20.169 which I guess I have no update to make. Although I am told that this headset has 20 hours of battery life per charge I never get that. Once the Battery Status is HIGH all of a sudden I receive BATTERY CRITICAL warning. Is this a software related problem tat I can fix or should I send back to the dealer for replacement?


Best regards

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Hello Erin Erimer,

Try soft resetting the headset by holding down the mute button for ~15 seconds while the headset is still on. It should shut off on it's own when done correctly. 

This will disconnect, and then reconnect the internal battery, which can help resolve battery related issues such as this. 

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