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Would you recommend the Corsair One i300?


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Hello community and Corsair employees ! 

I have been toying with the idea of buying this premium product for a long time. The minimal design and the well thought-out selection of components in such a small space impress me enormously. 

I would like to completely exclude the price from the discussion here, but only draw on hard experiences. 

So please tell me about your experience with the Corsair One I300 or older. I would be particularly interested in how the Corsair staff deal with problems and whether you really get useful help. 


Are they accommodating in the exchange, is there a country support possibly also by telephone? 

How does the package arrive, is it explained again how to get into the BIOS for settings or updates? 

How is the processing, the condition of the device? 


I have already read / watched several reviews and videos, I am just interested in the end customer experience not any newspapers reporting about it. So feel free to write to me here, I'm sure there are quite a few others who would like to buy this product.

I will only use the PC to play AAA titles and shooters on WQHD. Does anyone have any experience of how the temperatures behave?  



Thank you very much, I am curious.



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@BRTZ Well I can tell you a lot of us here on the forum will be chiming in on this one with our experiences and opinions. I personally do not have any affiliation with Corsair and am only speaking from customer experience.

 To address your first question, I have seen many on this forum who have received help only because of addressing their concerns or issues directly here thanks to the Corsair team who monitor this forum and I have nothing but amazing things to say about them, thank you guys. It seems many who have reached out to customer support over the phone/otherwise have had a rough experience, mainly when their system is no longer covered by warranty making getting a replacement part/parts a very difficult experience for the Corsair One system. As said before, the team who monitors these forums has made the effort to review trouble tickets when brough to their attention here and has made the difference for many including myself receiving a new riser cable after warranty had expired on the original C1 system with a 1080gtx.

To your second question, processing, shipping, packing of the i300 I recently received was flawless coming all the way from Taiwan>Alaska>Indiana>California>San Diego, not a scratch on the system not a dent on the box, very well packed.

I too use it primarily for WQHD gaming primarily playing Destiny 2, expansion drops today I am soo excited waiting in que right now as I write this lol. The GPU temps have never climbed over 68C period, CPU on the other hand will get hot and unfortunately the only complaint I have about this system. This is not so much due to design, but with such a powerful processor in this little guy, it does generate a lot of heat. As long as you run the fan on extreme setting temps will be just fine no worries.

System will shut off completely if you hit 105C, which I have only achieved while trying to find a stable overclock over default settings.

System will thermal throttle after reaching at or over 90C which you will reach without fan set to extreme while gaming just about any time.  Though with fan set to extreme(max) you will not hit 90C unless you are in an environment say around 79F 26C something around there I would say. I usually have my home set around 72-75F/22-24C.

Only so much you can do to get those CPU temps down.  I see you already checked out the de-lid forum.  Also Corsair's ICUE does not allow you to set a custom fan curve other then a static %/DC to fan overall in iCUE, no curve, which I personally hate because I basically have it set to extreme (max fan) while gaming, doesn't bother me because I have headphones on anyway, but this will be the only drawback to getting this fully loaded system in such a small form factor.

Overall it's an excellent system with loads of power and absolutely love it.  If I were able to speak with the engineers I would ask them to pull in a larger CPU radiator like they had on the old C1's, put in higher power PSU for more headroom with potential power spikes/better overall efficiency/ability to optimally power the system, and MOST annoying issue... fix iCUE to allow us to actually set a custom fan curve.  The BIOS on this thing is excellent and gives you a lot of control, but not adjust the top fan, I need to find a solution to this.  Otherwise, MSI and Corsair did a great job ensuring the BIOS gives you plenty of control for all your adjust/overclocking needs.

If you have any further questions or have anything on your mind please let me know.

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Thank you for your detailed feedback. 

So would you say that for normal gaming like AAA titles or shooters like Warzone or CS:GO there is no temperature-related throttling? 

Has Corsair already announced if and when they will update the ICue regarding individually adjustable fan curves? There are test reports / videos on the internet about how these curves can be set with the programme to achieve better temperatures. 

After your modification with Rock Lid, you have never again experienced temperature problems with the CPU, have you? Can you run the Corsair One quietly and still keep it in the normal temperature range? 

Is it possible to run the system quietly and still achieve a good FPS 144 + with WQHD? 

Thanks for your help and feedback


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@BRTZ I would recommend having extreme cooling setting turned on for any gaming you have listed and you will not have thermal throttle.  When I originally tested the system before delid, I maxed out at 86C max fan with Cinebench R23 so you won't hit 90C with extreme setting on.

Corsair does allow you to change fan curve settings in iCUE when not installed on a Corsair One system, otherwise iCUE does not allow you to make any other changes besides default/extreme when installed on Corsair One. (iCUE runs differently with a Corsair One system)

I can run corsair one without fan maxed while gaming now that I performed the de-lid, but I ended up using those lower temps from the de-lid to give me the headroom I needed to overclock the processor from Corsair factory setting.  So I still run my system with max fan, but now I can handle pushing more performance then stock. (Corsair sets the 12900K to 165W I bumped it up to 195W, and some other things)  I would not recommend running this system while long term gaming without fan maxed, but doing so you will be fine.

But yes, if you perform the de-lid and have achieved the same difference in temperature change as I, and do not deviate from factory settings. You can run it without max fan, but I would only recommend it for shorter periods of gaming for longer periods I would max that fan but that's just me. 

This is basically the trade off for such small form factor. If Corsair would update the iCue to allow us to change the Fan curve throughout all temp's then I think we could get around having it be maxed all the time while gaming a little easier.

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When thermal throttling happens in AAA games, what do you observe while gaming ? A drop in fps but still smooth gameplay ? Or does it ruin the game ?

In my case, I am more focused on RTS, grand strategy or role playing / action-adventure types of games, so my concern is with the games like RDD2 or similar.

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what does the i300 come pre-installed with other than just windows OS? just icue or is there other stuff like antivirus on it?

i guess my question is do I need to reinstall windows11

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great thank you!

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