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XC7/Pro 12th gen correct orientation


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Hello A7reYu,

Thanks for the video, it looks interesting although I am not sure your conclusions are correct: the fins are inside the block and are oriented in that way so that the flow of liquid from inlet to outlet runs parallel to them, therefore transferring heat from the fins to the water flow in the most effective way. In other words: FINS = heat dissipation from waterblock to liquid.

I find weird indeed that the "fin rectangle" is oriented at 90 degrees from the "CPU LGA1700 rectangle", that does have for sure an effect on the thermal exchange, but I suspect it would not solve the overheating issue that you experienced. In fact, the heat from the CPU to the block is transferred through the thermal paste to the metallic heat exchanger of the block, and if the CPU-Paste surface is reduced (as it is in the case of mounting issues) then the waterblock is not able to absorb and dissipate enough heat from the CPU. THERMAL PASTE DISTRIBUTION = heat absorption and transfer from CPU to waterblock.
Also, a mounting issue is easy to detect, all is needed is to take a look at the distribution of the thermal paste when removing the waterblock. Have you observed a uniform distribution of the paste when removing the block or not?

And, in any case, if by switching to EK your issue is solved then GREAT. But it is also true that, from what I read in forums such as this one, the vast majority of XC7/Pro users don't experience the same overheating issue.
Out of curiosity, which motherboard do you use in your system? I wonder of there is a correlation of mounting issues with MoBo brands or versions.

I hope that helps.


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If they wanted to keep the inlet and outlet as they are, they should have channeled the water differently, but it seems they went the easy way, probably to reuse as much parts as possible from previous blocks with just a new coldplate..

Having the connexions left and right and the fins top to bottom would require redoing a complete waterblock, something somewhat similar to a velocity actually.

It's a pretty bad design, but i also agree the thermal throttling must have been caused by something else.

With the EK block you not only change the cold plate type but also the mounting hardware. I feel that may have been the cause of problems.

The motherblard had LGA1200 holes, fine, but the CPU still sits 1mm lower. it's file for some, it overheats for others. that's why some people post that their old blocks work fine.

Depending on the tube runs, and how they pussh or pull on the block, there may have been bad contact at some point.

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