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RAM version question

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Hello. I just received the kit of CMK64GX4M2E3200C16 RAM I ordered on Internet and checked the version which says 3.41. Unfortunately the compatibility chart of my Asus Tuf Gaming Z690-Plus D4 mobo only indicates a compatibility with that RAM with ver 3.44.

Should I expect problems and what kind? Should I send it back while the box is sealed and choose another type of RAM which isn’t limited by a version compatibility?

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Typically not.  It means they tested v3.41 when they were making the list.  3.44 likely did not exist and was not tested.  Omission does not imply unsuitability, although some motherboard support departments will try and use that like a sword when trying to duck a warranty claim or decipher an issue.  


3.41 and 3.44 will be from the same IC manufacturer (Micron) and while mixing them together would not be the best plan, it would be very strange for one Micron kit to work and the same kit from a different Micron batch not work.  This is 3200 DDR4 and you are not pushing the limits in any area.  It is highly likely to work, so the only good reason to send it back would be if your prefer to build an air tight position from a warranty or motherboard standpoint.  I think that is a weak argument in this instance since you would not be guaranteed 3.44 on exchange if you had to replace them with Corsair, but some people feel very strongly about that.  This would only really matter when dealing with some type of unknown problem where you can't tell if the origin is the CPU, MB, or RAM and the MB manufacturer points the finger somewhere else.  

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Thank you for the answer c-attack.

That's what I thought but I preferred the opinion of someone with more experience as it's the first time I encounter a DRAM version "problem".

I started to build the rig. If I have a problem with that version o DRAM I will post it here.


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