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Hydro XD5 too noisy?


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Hello, I am testing my loop and It looks like It is doing too much noisy... Not sure If It will leave after hours running or if the pump is faulty... My old pump died and I am replacing with this... 


Any advice? Noise Will quit when I connect the pump to commander xt? Also not sure If I need extension cables for RGB and temps... Can somebody give me a link to purchase it on amazon?



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At full speed, the pump can be a bit loud.  Once it is connected to the CoCoXT it will lower down from 100% to something better at default.  From there the pump speed can be adjusted from the iCue software.  I keep mine at 2500 RPM (around 50%) and it is almost silent.


Also note that having the pump sit on a wooden floor will magnify the sound (as in the provided video example).


Here is an Amazon link to a kit that I used that came with RGB cable extensions.  The back includes 4 RGB strips and 4 extension cables.



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It still sounds pretty grindy, and the bracket has silent blocks anyway. it should only hum gently even at full speed.

I would try to powercycle it several times to make sure all the air is out from the impeller, but even air bubbles don't make that sound. feels like RMA material

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The static background part is the micro air bubbles.  That is consistent with normal XD5 fill operation.  As suggested above, you can either power cycle off/on to create pressure surge while in ATX jumper mode or once up and running use the PWM control to hop back and forth between 25% and 100% PWM signal.  Do 10 seconds on low and then 30-60 seconds on max.  Micro bubble static should go away pretty quickly.  There are likely to be larger air pockets in the corners of the system that will come out this way too.  Those will be more obvious bubbles back to reservoir and don't cause the static noise.


The other part of the noise profile may be the C-clamp style bracket on the wood desk (or any other surface).  I find the XD5 to be noisier in that position when free standing in the case vs using small perpendicular side to case or fan mount it.  

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