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Corsair One Pro - Advice or Help Needed.

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Hello All. 
I am the somewhat proud owner of a Corsair One Pro - I7 7700K, 1080, 16GB Ram.
I am having issues where this thing is effectively unusable, Windows corrupted so when trying to install a fresh copy of windows and load drivers, the system goes into a death loop, Also had an issue when windows does seem to be working, where i attempt to install drivers for the 1080 and again it goes into a death loop but the card does display correctly until this point. I have tested processor and Ram in another machine and am confident there is no issues with them. I thought maybe the motherboard could be changed out in order to run onboard and fault find the issue, i bought a Rog Strix z270i, but it appears it doesn't have a connection for the Cooler on the Graphics card side, It seems the sister boards from Rog and MSI actually won't do the job or replacing the main Corsair Z270i board. I have had issues with testing the 1080 as when i used the Rog Strix board, it loads to desktop and after 30 seconds it freezes the system permanently. Which makes me think it's the temp on the GFX processor which is overheating and so i can't test it properly. I am no closer to figuring this out with a solution.

Does Corsair offer services where i might apply for a replacement, parts or even a 'fix it' service or even simply buy another board the same as the Z270i that caters to the 2 coolers?
Reviving my Corsair One Pro is literally my only dream since my son was born, i wanted to revive it before his arrival but i am behind schedule.
Does anyone have any information which may help me? I really don't want another machine as this beauty was my investment to not have to do such things.

Please help, any info is welcome, or questions.

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