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XC7 Pro 12700K Bad contact...

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Hi, just installed a new system, custom watercooled. 2 rads, 280 & 420,  XC5 pump/res and xc7 pro cpu block. When testing cinebench I saw temps spike from 22c to 100c in an instance. I just took it apart, and despite the mount screws bottoming out the contact between the block and die was really bad. Just reapplied thermalpast and mounted it again, same result. 

Pump is running 100% and so are all the fans no difference, no flow restrictions (GPU cools very well under load). No airtgaps, no plastic still on the block, everything is tripple checked. 

I read all about the spacer trick from Igor and Buildzoid, not keen on lapping the cpu but I could try the spacers, but my gut feeling is that the mounting bracket for the XC7 is the issue. Can't get it as tight as I want... When taking it off the first time I could still see the pattern from the original paste. And as I said, the screws are all the way in, can make it tighter.

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I'd lean toward a mounting issue from the looks of it, especially if it shoots up in a few seconds. I've read that the intel 12th gen 1700 socket has issues with the mounting pressure if you don't have the correct mounting hardware. If your water temp isn't rising as fast as normal under stress test/heavy load that would be another sign. my overclocked 11600K doesn't get over 65c under and aida64 test. When I first installed it I used the wrong screws from my box of screws and the cold plate wasn't making contact. Swapped to the correct ones and it has been running right since then.

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It's definitely a mounting issue, but I am unsure of the cause.  The XC7 Pro was specifically created for the Alder Lake CPUs and LGA 1700 socket, so there should not be an issue with this.  The bracket has two obvious slots for 1700 vs 1200 and the one set of Intel posts.  Maybe check the back of the motherboard for post depth into the board.  That is one area where I have run into trouble with motherboards past.  

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