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Vengence RGB Ram and Darkcore SE mouse not seen by iCue

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Latest firmware on both, latest build of iCue. Issue started a few days ago, my ram will not sync with iCue, it'll have the same colors I have outlined but will not play the animation I have set. Same goes for my mouse as well. They flip flop, one day the ram will not work but the mouse will, and the next day the opposite will happen. When I load up iCue, whichever is having the issue shows as unavailable. No new software was installed prior to this issue happening. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.





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In the picture above your RAM is in "red triangle" mode, which means there was an error on load.  Devices with the red triangle will not respond to CUE and will either display frozen RGB or drop into HW Lighting Mode.  This most often is caused when motherboard software attempts to access the RAM at the same time as CUE after the post OS load sequence.  If you go to CUE settings and select "restart Corsair service", this usually resolves the control issue.  If this is an every boot kind of thing, you may want to investigate the other RGB app or set CUE not to load on boot, then manually initiate launch yourself. 


Users sometimes see the red triangle for wireless devices as well.  This often happens after wake from sleep mode, but not common on boot.  Depending on the MB RGB software, it could affect the mouse as well.  Unlike the RAM, removing and reconnecting the receiver and/or switching the mouse from 2.4 GHz to wired mode and back may be required to put it back in a responsive state.  Some time back this was a regular issue with the Dark Core, but that was resolved and we don't see too many specific complaints for it anymore.  If this is happening daily, then we need to take a look at what's going on.  

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The memory control breaking is more than likely due to Armoury Crate here.  I would recommend as a first step to use the AC removal tool provided by ASUS to remove their software completely, then following the setup guide for it found here - How to: Integrate Armoury Crate with iCUE – Corsair

Make sure to follow the "If you installed Armoury Crate before the plugin..." steps.

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