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Corsair keyboard (k65) wont let the pc boot.

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As the title says, The keyboard wont allow the pc to boot. Only way to boot up the pc is to remove the keyboard first and only then does it start booting like normal. When I put my computer to sleep and come back after a few hours i am greeted the the asus motherboard screen telling me press F2 key, this is where the pc gets ULTRA slow, and it makes me go through the whole process of going into bios and selecting the boot drive and exit bios. Then if im lucky ill get the windows loading screen other times it just stays black and i have to redo everything.

While using the pc I get blasted with "Usb device not recognized" notifications like im physically unplugging the keyboard and plugging it in again and again. This also interrupts whatever im trying to do at that time.

I used this keyboard with another pc a 2 other laptops and it worked just fine, no issues at all.

Unfortunately this is the only keyboard i have and its literally unusable at this point. I find myself using the on screen keyboard half the time coz the constant notification sound and pop up is annoying as hell.

Gaming is impossible like this, ive been using a controller 😞

So far I've tried:

  • Reinstalling Windows
  • Reinstalling icue and usb drivers
  • plugging in different usb ports, and plugging 1 cable in usb 2 port and the other in usb 3 port.
  • only plugging in the keyboard cable and leaving the passthrough cable unplugged
  • Other basic windows hardware troubleshoot

Im using the Asus z97 AR motherboard + i5 4760k. The keyboard is out of warranty so I doubt support will be helpful.

Hope someone here can provide a solution.




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