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12900 v 5900

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With all the discussions of CPU temps, is there a reason to use Risen 5900 rather than Intel 12900?

I have a 2017 C1, which I love.  It sits on my standing desk behind the monitors, which a normal tower could not.  It is much quieter than a normal PC with a real GPU.  While it has had its quirks in the nearly 5 years I have owned it, it is a solid machine.

Five years is a long time in computer years, however, so I am thinking about an selling my first born and getting an upgrade.  All the discussions about CPU heat have me wondering about how to limit the problem.  So, is it Ryzen time?  Is the Rocket de-lid a better idea?  Just trying to learn a little.

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@Cuhulin Here's my 2 cents.  I'm an intel fanboy so I'll say go Intel lol.  You do get PCIE 5 and DDR5 Ram options with the 12900K.  Many people will argue you don't need either that right now or DDR5 isn't a big difference.... I say.... NOT YET  (wait till better DDR5 comes available and you'll wish u had it I bet).  So for that reason alone if you're gonna buy something now, get the 12900K otherwise wait till new AMD chip comes out, simple decision.

Well I can tell you the re-lid took me like 3-4 hours to do but that's only because I did a lot of pictures for the video lol, but I also did a lot of polishing and was watching my kid at the same time so it could easily get done in like 2 hours tops if you just get it done. Temps are fine without re-lid, but I would definitely have the fan curve turned up.  With re-lid you are good to go all the time, and with fan turned up, your in the green always.

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@Cuhulin I would say you can't go wrong with either AMD or Intel. Keep in mind that if you're going to keep the new C1 stock for another 5 years, then while DDR5 will get better with time, your machine specifically will still have the first iteration of DDR5 ram (unless you decide to upgrade it down the road) and the GPU will stay at PCIe 4.0. Same thing goes for the CPU so I think either will give you what you need but I'll give 1 more point to Intel in that it is the newest tech of the two and so it should give you slightly more longevity.

As far as temps go, I get the feeling AMD might be more reliable (less hot) than Intel, but if you're comfortable with doing a de-lid and re-lid then go Intel and call it a day. I think it all depends on what your plans are with the new C1. If you're going long term then do the mods. Especially if you are going to use it for productivity tasks. Otherwise, you could just get it; deal with the temps as they are (depending on what you use it for you might never hit 90C) and then upgrade again later. That's what I'm planning on doing which is why I don't worry too much about temps and CPU degradation because I like to upgrade and tinker on a regular basis; and the only intense tasks that I use my PC with is gaming and so the CPU never gets crazy hot. Hopefully I will be upgrading to 12th gen (or maybe even Zen 4) later this year.

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