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iCUE 4 Cooling - changed settings not applied

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I have H115i RGB PRO XT and  I'm trying to configure a cooling profile in iCUE 4.
My problem is that if I change any settings, they are not applied automatically, and cannot see any "Save" or "Apply" button. 
Sometimes settings are saved when I restart the application, sometimes they are not. If I restart Windows the new settings are applied.

In het iCUE 3 there was a "Save" icon, so the changes could be applied immediately. Am I missing something in iCUE 4?


The software setup is Windows 11 and iCUE 4.20.169

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For the AIO controllers (and most other devices), pump and fan curve changes are applied automatically when you change the drop down menu on the fan/pump and also saved to device memory automatically. However, you need to make sure you are using H115i XT Temp as the control source for any custom curves. 

It might be possible to circumvent the auto save if you quickly quit the app after the change, but this doesn’t come up very often. Try selecting another device or choose a different tab for the XT after making the change. Aside from that, you may need to show us the cooling screen for the XT so we can we what you are trying to save. 

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Hi @c-attack,
Yes, because there's no explicit "Save" button,I would expect the changes to be applied automatically.

I've shared the screenshot to demonstrate the problem.

I have two custom profiles:
AG Quiet - keep the fans quite till it's very hot.

AG 100% - run fans on 100% all the time.

The 1st screenshot:

When I opened iCUE, "AG 100%" was selected. I've changed it to "AG Quiet" profile, but the fans are running 100% no matter how long I wait.
If I restart the application at this point, most of the time it reverts back to "AG 100%", meaning the new settings were not applied.

The 2nd screenshot:

This is the "AG 100%" configuration - 100% for all tems.

The 3sd sceenshot:

After severaliCUE restarts (including service and application restarts) in the timeframe of 10 minutes, the new settings suddenly got applied and fans became quiet.

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I am wondering if there is some type of basic controller issue here.  The fans appear to be either maxed out or stuck at a minimum speed those fans should not be capable of running.  Try a forced firmware update on the XT.  Settings->check for update-> None -> Force update.  This will cause the pump and fans to max out during the 3-5 seconds while it reloads the firmware.  This has been an issue with Platinum/XT controllers, but usually 1 of the fans is stuck at max and the other respond normally.  Your curves are properly set up, the fans are clearly not following them, but there have not been any other recent complaints about that kind of behavior.  I believe it to be hardware related, so if the forced update does not work, contact Corsair Support.


**Make sure you are not running other monitoring software like AIDA or HWiNFO while loading the firmware.  Those programs can cause CUE to lock up when both attempt to poll the XT at the same time.  Usually this results in loss of control and garbage data, which I don't see.  So most likely this is not an issue in play for normal use, but you do want other programs active during the firmware update.  

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