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Just updated Icue and my Virtuoso SE is not working wireless anymore.

I found many topics about this but found NO solution! PLEASE provide a real solution ASAP I can't believe that this software it has that many problems, just unbelievable.

I've already tried to unistall and install many times unistalling everything and rebooting my PC many times but nothing works.

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21 hours ago, Corsair Nick said:

If you require the firmware files to regain connectivity between the headset and dongle, please put in a support ticket through the following link:


This is the fastest way for the Technical Support team to get you the correct files.

Already did, my  ticket number is (2005082308).

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I had the exact same issue a few weeks ago. If your headset is working while being plugged in and in USB Mode but not wireless, check and see if the wireless dongle is plugged into a USB 3.0. If it is move it to a USB 2.0.

Hopefully this helps. 

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I contacted technical support and the only thing they told me is to show them the purchase invoice, what? I thought they would give us the firmware, I'm from Peru, why can't the attention be the same here? I thought corsair was a trustworthy brand

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