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Cooling control missing Commander Core XT

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Hi all

I recently purchased a Commander Core XT and a couple of L120 RGB fans.

ICUE sees the fans and i can control the RGB lighting for both fans.  However, i don't have an option to control fan speed in the control panel for the Commander COre XT, 'cooling' does not appear and is not an option.

ICEU does see my corsair water cooler and allows me to control both fan speed and pump speed.

I can see the fan speed options (quiet, balanced, performance) in Control Link however the L1290 fans seem to run at a constant speed whatever settings i use.

I can see temp sensors for MB, chip, cooler, GPU and all fans show up in the dashboard too.

Any thoughts, pointers appreciated.


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Small update, had a bluescreen error this morning and then upon reboot had a temp warning requiring accessing the Asus X99-A bios, where upon i checked the fan control settings, it appears fan control had been disabled. 


Having changed the settings ICEU still doesnt show Cooling optionalingside the fan controls.  Im wondering if removing and re-installing ICEU may allow it to 'see' the fans prp[oerly and Allow cooling?  


Any thoughts appreciated. 

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Can you post a screen shot of the device page for the Commander Core XT?

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HI there, 

Thanks for looking and  asking for further info,

i've posted links to three images, wasn't sure which one you want/need

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Don't see any links.

Have to ask - you have the PWM for the fans connected to the Commander Core XT, yes?

I'm asking because you mention fan control in the BIOS - if you are using the fan controls in the BIOS, then you don't have the fans connected to the Commander Core for PWM. If they aren't connected to the Commander Core for PWM, you won't get the "Cooling" tab in iCUE. Just because the RGB is connected does not mean that it'll control fan motor too.

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Doh!!!  Good shout, Id plugged the fans into the fan header on the motherboard.  

Having connected the fan correctly i can now see the cooling control, thanks for pointing this out.

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