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Problem with corsair pomp xd5

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Hi I have a problem with one of the two corsair xd5 pumps.  I have a completely corsair custom loop, last night I connect the second pump to the second commander pro but when I started the PC the pump didn't work, so I double-check all the cables and all were fine.  I turn it on again and it doesn't work, so I unplug the pump in question from the commander pro and magically it starts spinning, but if I plug the cable back in it stops spinning.  while the main pump runs quietly.  can anyone tell me what it can depend on ???  it is as if they are going into conflict

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It’s likely because of the individual Commander Pro header setting. That connector is a PWM/tachometer wire without a 12v signal. The Commander is checking for a 12v signal and deciding there isn’t one. Leave the PWM line unplugged until you can boot into Windows, load CUE, and change the Commander Pro setting for that header to “4 pin”. 

When the PWM signal is not present, the XD5 like all other D5 pumps will run at 100%. DO NOT reconnect the PWM connector to the Commander while powered on. You have a very good chance of blowing the XD5’s control circuits. Power off before reconnecting the PWM lead. 

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