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I've Tried Everything to Fix my H100i Platinum

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I have tried everything to fix it. The pump led stopped displaying all colors of the rainbow and only green and yellow and then now its gone AWOL. The rgb on the fans are stuck to spazzing out colors and the rgb on the pump itself doesn't even work anymore. Now in does not display in ICUE anymore and even when it did before all this I could never make adjustments to it or the fans or it would freeze on me. Now the issue is it is stuck reconnecting and disconnecting and will not display in icue but does display in USBDeview. So here I am finally at my breaking point so I decided to come to the forums for some help. 

Things i have tried that have not worked. 

Switching sata power cables and making it the only plug on the daisy chain link. 

Switching usb headers on my motherboard. 

Reinstalling icue 4 and 3. 

Completely removing icue from my system. (app data and regedit)

Disabling USB Selective suspend setting.

Switched to pcie 3 from 4 in my bios settings.

Finally ive done a full system wipe and it still wont work.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x

MOBO: Asus Tuf B550-PLUS


Ill try anything else, I've browsed all over reddit and corsair forums to try things and none have worked. I'm starting to think its just at the end of its life and ill have to buy a new one. 

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