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Right mouse button becomes unclicked when I use a custom button

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I just bought a Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite to make playing Final Fantasy XIV a little easier.

For general movement I have bound my WASD keys the following way (I think that is standard):

W : Forward
S : Back
A : Strafe Left
D : Strafe Right

So whenever I want to circle around a target I keep the right mouse button pressed and rotate my character/camera while simultaneously pressing 'A' or 'D' depending on the direction I want to go. So far that worked like a charm with my old mouse.

Now I got the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite. I had to reprogram the twelve thumb buttons since I need the regular 1, 2, 3, 4, ... keys. So I reprogrammed the mouse buttons 

1 ->Shift+1
2 -> Shift+2

and assigned them to some commands. So far everything seemed to work fine. Until I did my first real practice test.

What I noticed was that when I was circling around a target with the right mouse button held down, the moment I pressed one of the twelve thumb buttons my right mouse button became 'unclicked' and the cursor reappeared although I kept it pressed down. I had to release and click the right mouse button again to continue strafing as before. 

Needless to say, this is highly annoying.

Am I missing something? Having to reclick the right mouse button after every thumb button use is just not an option. 


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Hi Kobal,

If you set these up as hardware macros, and try doing the same without iCUE running, does the same thing happen? Just trying to figure out what way to send the Tech support team in next...

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17 hours ago, Kobal said:

That is exactly what I did, store the bindings on the mouse itself and exit iCUE.

What about when iCUE *is* running? 

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